Opticosm - Double Gauss Lens
A ray tracing simulation of a classic 50mm lens
Opticosm - Fisheye Lens
A ray tracing simulation of a Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens
Opticosm - Sphere Lens
A ray tracing simulation of a spherical lens / raindrop

Megahed Labs

Megahed Labs is a place where I can share with you some code experiments and hopefully useful tools that you may consider using in your own projects.



Opticosm is a simple web / javascript based system for simulating the performance of optical systems using ray tracing. The technology is similar in concept to that used in complex and expensive optical analysis packages like Zemax or Code V but is extremely simple and therefore invites experimentation.


Download Opticosm


The projects listed here are being released under the very open and permissive MIT license.